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Marketing for your bottom line.

Question for you…

What number do you put in Box #30 on your business’s tax form?

Who the heck knows right?! Here’s the answer: Box #30 on your tax form is where you put Taxable Income.

We love Box #30. In fact, we love it so much we named my business after it. Box #30 is our entire business plan. Here it is:

Our Biz Plan: We know that if we add to your Box #30 then you’ll be more than happy to add to ours.

It’s a simple formula that works really well. I don’t know about you but I like simple things that work really well. Like this…

Imagine if you got an email every month with just two numbers:

  1. New leads from the interweb
  2. Income those leads generated

Pretty simple right?

That email would tell you specifically how much money you made from your online marketing. No smoke and mirrors. No big fancy industry words or a bazillion charts and graphs that don’t really mean much. Just “I made you this much money this month.”

That’s what we send my clients every month. And we do it by following the Box #30 commandments:

The Box Thirty Commandments (our promises to you)

1) We will only focus on your bottom line.

We only focus on strategies that increase your bottom line. Our goal is to increase your income in the short term and the long term. If we can’t prove we’re increasing your business’s income we’ll show ourselves out of the door.

2) We will not work with your competitors

We only work with one business per city in each industry (for ongoing work). No exceptions. We can’t focus on your Box #30 if we’re focusing on your competitors’ too. That means when you start working with us you are not only getting the benefit of everything we do but you are blocking your competitors from working with us as well.

3) Quality is the only thing set in stone

Digital marketing is a fast-moving world. The best tactics change constantly. The only thing that doesn’t change? Quality. What we’re doing for your business today might be different than what we’ll be doing six months from now but no matter what making high-quality content and performing high-quality work will always improve your bottom line.

That’s it. Those are the three “Box #30 Commandments” and those are what we will use to make your business money.

That time I worked for a “Black Box” agency

The reason I’m so passionate about simple and transparent is because I’ve seen the inner workings of what I call “Black Box” agencies.

These digital marketing businesses use “confuse and conquer” strategies to make themselves look good. They use industry buzzwords like SEO, Marketing Automation, CTR, CPC (and on and on…). They use confusing reports to make it appear like they are making you money.

Their goal? For you to say “Well it seems like they know what they are talking about so I’ll keep paying them.”

I know because for the last seven years I’ve worked for a few of these “Black Box” agencies. Here’s an example of a real conversation I witnessed between a client and the business owner:

Client: I saw that the new sales email went out. How did it do?

“Black Box” Owner: Oh, it was fantastic! The Open Rate was 62% and the CTR was 34%!!!

Client: Is that good?

BBO: It is so good. The industry standards are 30% and 6% so we blew those out of the water!!!

Client: Great! Thanks for your hard work.

Now if you are reading that you might think “hey that does sound pretty good”. I don’t blame you. Even if you don’t know what Open Rate or CTR is you can clearly see that the agency sent a sales email and more than doubled the industry standards.

Here’s the part that drove me over the edge…

The agency made a huge mistake and only sent the sales email to 22 people instead of the 3,000+ it was supposed to go to. Twenty. Two.

That means the business lost over 90% of the potential sales. That, THAT, is what I mean by “Black Box” agency.

I’ve created Box Thirty to be the exact opposite of that. Instead of a “Black Box” agency I’ve created a “See-through Box” agency. That means:

  • I’ll tell you if I’m making you money or costing you money
  • I’ll tell you when you can expect to see results
  • I’ll tell you when I screw up

Relationships are built on trust. Communicating openly is the only way I know to build a trusting business relationship.

How much can we grow your Box #30?

If our message and our mission jives with you then we’d love to work with your business.

Put your name, email, and business name in the form below and I’ll email you back shortly.


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